A few articles back I had a rant about the lack of a great Star Wars game. At the end of that rant, I pitched my own idea of a Star Wars game. If you haven’t read that yet, check it out. I’ll wait.


Well, I enjoyed pitching my own ideas for games, so I thought I would throw out some more ideas I’ve had in the back of my mind. Again, if a game designer wants to steal these ideas, go ahead. I would have no idea where to start when it comes to making these games; I would be more than happy just knowing that one of my ideas made it into the gaming world, so it could stand proud next to games, like ‘Farcry’. Oh! Farcry… wait, can I take that back?


This doesn’t have to be a Buffy game, but I thought I would use Buffy, as it is a pitch easier explained with examples. Basically, I want the template for the Batman: Arkham games used to revive old franchises that have died. Arkham succeeds due to the minor details (I have mentioned this before), crammed into every space in the game. Can you imagine that with Buffy for instance?

You play the Slayer fighting through several of the familiar faces from her rogue gallery (Faith, the Master), with guest appearances from all of the allies from the series (Willow, Riley, Spike). However, pretty much as I suggested for the Star Wars game, the little details would make this game. There are little Easter eggs that suggest a resurgence from the Gentleman, the grave of Mr. Trick has been clawed open. There is a near endless amount of possibilities to be made from the game.

I have no idea where this picture came from, but it would make an awesome cover!

I have no idea where this picture came from, but it would make an awesome cover!

And as I said, it does not have to be Buffy. It can pretty much work for any superhero you can think of, maybe even for action franchises like James Bond or Die Hard (although that would require more of a stretch of imagination). Arkham basically opened up a whole new world of gaming and I want game developers to explore that vein of ideas to the maximum.


Again, this doesn’t have to be Buffy, but I realised this idea is best described with the use of vampires… and quite frankly, I couldn’t resist.

You play a recently-bitten vampire, thrown into an open world map. Like Grand Theft Auto, it starts with little story, just a map for you to go play with (not an over-the-top massive map, something a little bigger than the size of Arkham City). After a while, you get a craving for blood. You need to grab a civilian and drink from them. How you do this is your choice? Grab a lone target, as he takes a shortcut through an alley? Entice a member of the opposite sex to somewhere private? Simply drag someone out of the street and bite them? This process will need to be repeated once a day (the trick will be is finding the right game time to use in the game. It will get annoying if every 24 minutes a day passes and you need to find a victim, but if you use an actual 24 hour clock, this little quirk of the game will get lost and forgotten).

After a while of getting used to being a vampire, a storyline will come into play. It could be killing people who annoyed you when you were human, tracking down a past lover or just uncovering the secret world of vampires in the city. However, you will have to accomplish the missions subtly or you will attract vampire slayers (including a certain familiar blonde cheerleader). If you keep quiet, taking out your victims in the shadows, you might get through the game without ever getting caught by Buffy, but the more exposure your character gets, the closer the Slayers get to you. It will be a constant thing in the back of your mind and hopefully will bring the sense to the player that immortal isn’t really all that invincible.

That was the last Buffy one, I promise.


OK, this isn’t my idea, but a pitch given to me by two of my friends, Alf Williams and Piran Mark (if some of the ideas I’ve got for my site come to fruition, Piran is someone you will get to know very soon). Basically, it is a massive open world game, but where you are the captain of a pirate ship, setting out to get treasure, conquer ships and control the seven seas.

I used to be a sailor like you. Then I took a cannonball to the knee.

I used to be a sailor like you. Then I took a cannonball to the knee.

Most of the map would be vast ocean with the occasional hidden island, which could contain treasure, popping up. It would be mainly based on orientation; every time you leave an island it would be tricky to even find it again. You could bump into another pirate ship making its way through the seas and have to defend your crew from them. You would have to repair your ships at docks to make sure you could carry on your adventuring intact. There would be the constant worry that your crew would turn on you if you stop providing the goods. There would also be the Navy, trying to track down and execute you to set an example to all pirates.

There would also be a supernatural cause. Go to far out to sea and you will encounter mutant sharks, giant crabs and maybe even a Kraken, if you are really unlucky. Certain islands could contain a hag brain-washing a group of pirates to mutilate your crew. There could be caves and tomb complexes with dark forces hidden in the deep. As for your crew in general, you could recruit certain sailors at docks or islands. Every time you disembark, you could choose two accomplices, depending on their set of skills. There would be a high chance that they would be killed on the mission and there is no guaranteeing their safety. At first, you would start out with a motley crew, but eventually you would find more loyal, fierce and intelligent crew members.

Again, there is so many directions the game could take. I haven’t even begun to shape out a storyline for the game, if there needs to be one at all. I would definitely buy this game if it came out in stores.


Sorry, my bad…

I love the Walking Dead game for several reasons. One thing that surprised me that I enjoyed was the episodic style of them. A shortened game was released every month, building up an overall game rather than giving us a whole game. This built some much atmosphere to the games. The wait to find out what happened to the characters was almost unbearable and it stirred up a lot of discussion and rumours on the online forums. The hype on this game was incredible.

I want that done again. I am suggested Buffy, because a gaming series might be a good way to bring the Slayer back to modern fans, but in all honesty, I want several episodic games popping up online. Maybe when Gears of War: Judgment is out of the way, they can make little spin-off Gears stories every two or three months. Basically just like the main game, but like a series. If we saw Gears of War as a cinema epic, these games could be like the TV equivalent.

Good......needs more Buffy.

Good……needs more Buffy.

To be honest, the downsides pretty much match the reason we don’t get major cinema projects on television. More work and less money. The Walking Dead game pretty much worked their asses to death to get the five episodes out, underestimated the workload and missing deadlines (we forgive you, guys!) Imagine doing that continuously for a smaller scale of fans. The idea would be laughed off.

Which is why a smaller Indie gaming company could start this craze. All it needs is a solid ide… Holy shit! Combine my three Buffy ideas! A Buffy game from the perception of the vampire, but small scale, so we are treated to an instalment every two months. There would be a main story, but small details would be added to the background every time to please the fans. That way there could even be an online dialogue the writers could tap into. The fans are craving an appearance from Drusilla and Darla: they would only be too happy to oblige.

There you go gaming companies. I have made my demands. When all four games have been released, I shall release your daughter and stop spamming your email accounts with Buffy related puns. Do not fail me. You know what’s at ‘stake’!

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