Valentine’s Day is always a tricky one when it comes to the cinema. It is the perfect date location, yet a bad choice of movie can ruin the night. Therefore I have complied a list of the three rom-coms that are out in time for the 14th (annoyingly a few good romances are out the week after – see ‘To the Wonder’ – Someone should be fired over that sloppy release date). Baring in mind, I haven’t seen these three films (they are not even out yet, so questions would have to be asked if I had), so do not take my analysis of them as a review. I am merely trying to pick the best one to take my girlfriend to see and thought I would share my thought process with you.


The premise of this movie sounds awful. A zombie meets a girl and falls in love. It is pretty much the worst fears of every Twilight-hater confirmed: the books and films have started a chain reaction. Now every horror film monster is getting the rom-com makeover. I was on board with the Vampires, but for a zombie to be trying to get the girl goes against everything a zombie stands for. With only the premise in mind, me and my friends have used this film as something to joke about. I would never have considered going to see it. Then I watched the trailer:

OK, I’m going to come right out and say it: it doesn’t look horrible. It is actually a kind of funny twist on the idea of zombies and while, there will definitely be some cringe moments when the romance factor kicks in, some good themes, and not to mention great laughs, might come from the back of it. The film will hopefully be clever and use other zombie movies against us: we are constantly going to be scared for the protagonist, as we have seen how fast zombies can get killed.

Is it Valentine’s Day material? Maybe. Zombies aren’t usually a good sign and it could be a hard pitch, but with the help of this trailer, it could be the dark horse of the month. And most girls love Nicolas Hoult, who seems to be back to his comedy roots with this film.

2 – THIS IS 40

OK, this one is a loosely romantic one, but as I have said, there isn’t too much choice. This one is the laugh-out-loud funny one, although it could be a little slim on the romantic side of things. It could also bring up some complicated questions in your relationship, seeing as the trailer suggests that all couples have a secret plot to murder their lovers.

Also, it could come across as a little full-on. The plot revolves around a couple turning 40 and trying to spice up their relationship. For one, this might come across to your partner that you are intending to be with her, until you are 40, which, despite being romantic, can be perceived as being a little creepy. It could also imply that you feel that things need to be spiced up. If you are lucky, your boy/girlfriend won’t read too much into this choice of film, but it might not be worth the risk. This looks like a good film, but maybe not for Valentine’s Day.


Now this is the one film that has my eye. To know why, watch this trailer. It is laugh-out loud funny:

I know, the first thing that springs out that it is, like ‘This is 40’ criticising a relationship and focusing on the rebuilding of it. However, this looks a bit more tasteful. Rather than pages of dialogue dedicated to sexism on both sides, this looks like it harmlessly pokes fun at certain aspects of love, but celebrates it at the same time.

It’s the cast that has been assembled for it. Rose Byrne is a rising star and for this film, it looks like she has been given a script better than ever before, able to deliver jokes with perfect timing. Rafe Spall is someone who hasn’t really taken a lead role before, but he seems comfortable with his character in this, playing loveable, yet useless bloke at the same time. Then there are the side characters (as someone who isn’t a rom-com fan, I usually find solace in these). Stephen Merchant seems to be the star of the show, but that isn’t forgetting Minnie Driver, who is a surprisingly good actress, when she is called upon. Also, a surprise appearance from Anna Faris, an actress who is usually the only redeemable quality is several terrible films (Movie 43, Scary Movie).

So yes, this is the top of my list for a Valentine’s Day film. I hope that you readers may have made up a decision based on this facts (I reckon Warm Bodies wasn’t even considered by other people until now). Or failing all of these films, there is always Les Miserables still kicking around the cinema: I hear some of the extras in the opening scene give fantastic performances.

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