Contains spoilers!!!

I loved the Walking Dead game. I have yet to meet someone who has said anything bad about it. It is scary, emotional and some of best-written characters I have seen in a game for a while. I have found it impossible to guess what will happen next: I gave up trying around Episode 4. However, like all good things, as soon as it ended, I was instantly craving more.

So what could the sequel contain? Seeing as the main protagonist, Lee Everett, was killed off in a tear-jerking finale, the game could take any direction it chooses. I have no inside knowledge of what these directions could be, the examples below are just what I want to see from the games or interesting ideas that I’ve heard.


Seeing as nearly everyone else has been killed off, it makes sense that the writers could feasibly start off with a brand new set of characters. This might seem corny to some, like the writers couldn’t think of where to go next, so restarted, trying to cash in on the success of the original episodes. But on the positive side, we will have no foreknowledge of the characters. A blank slate means a new set of twists and character shifts.

There are bad sides to this. The new set of characters could basically turn into a mark two version of the original group. My little brother predicted that the writers would have some other male character take over looking after Clementine. I think that this would be unoriginal and Lee would be a tough character to top. The idea seems nice to the writers: it worked out so well before that it almost seems stupid not to. However, a new set of characters could mean a new set of rules. You could play a cop stuck in a group of rapists and murderers? The jock or prom queen at high school out of his/her comfort zone? Nicki Minaj? Literally anyone.


There's more Apocalypse!!!

There’s more Apocalypse!!!

Kenny is not dead. He can’t be. A character that great does not deserve an off-screen death. Even if the writers intended for that (it could be poetic that the characters never really know if their friend died), the second the jobs change hands, the new writers are going to resurrect this great character. So could he show up in Season 2? It’s possible (personally I would hold onto this storyline until Season 3 or 4), maybe showing up in a hero moment. I don’t think he should be a playable character, his emotions would be lost on a player, who, even when emotionally attached to the character, has to do nothing more than tap X to ‘come to terms with his dead family’. Or something to that extent.

And what about Molly? She swung in for a single episode, possessing ninja skills and being adept at parkour. Her appearance seemed fairly like a foreshadowing, so when the next series starts up and Molly is one of the only recognisable faces, the audience are instantly siding with her. And besides, who doesn’t want to play Molly? She is badass, an one-woman zombie killing machine. In all honesty, I believe it’s only fair the next playable character should be a woman, so why not Molly? And even if you don’t get to play her, she could make a cameo or two throughout the series. I definitely want to see more of her character.


This will never happen. The Walking Dead franchise has only got three years worth of storyline and the game, being a spin-off of the franchise rather than an original story, is probably not allowed to create a scenario that far ahead into the Walker apocalypse. But could you just imagine it?

Sadly Clementine never learnt how to lift the gun higher than stomach level.

Sadly Clementine never learnt how to lift the gun higher than stomach level.

You are thrown into the body of eighteen year old Clementine, all grown up and bitter inside at the events of Season One. You are slightly traumatised from shooting Lee in the face at the age of nine (an emotion the player would share), and your adopted parents Omid and Christa (or did one of them die in the ten year gap?), are struggling to control you. All your character wants to do is avenge Lee and take out as many Walkers as she possibly can.

Sadly, I am sure that the writers haven’t decided what to do yet and are most likely watching the forums and decided what the fans are least expecting. Therefore, I have probably discounted all of my theories. No matter what the writers come out with, however, judging from what we’ve seen, it will not disappoint.

2 thoughts on “3 Directions the Walking Dead Game Sequel Could Take

  1. I think there are several possibilities: the return of the couple that Lee told Clementine to find at the end of the scene before he told her to shoot him, the return of Clementine as a young adult, Molly returns, or, the possibility that Clementine did not shoot Lee, and that Lee did NOT turn after she left, and somehow survived….I know, but nobody explored that gray area yet.

  2. What you all missing here is one possibility. Lee comes back, Molly or someone else could help you. If you amputated the limb it was blood loss not the infection or if you kept the limb Molly/random guy gives you antibiotics and if you tell her to shoot you she misses also you may come back as a walker and see the game from another point but being a walker would be f*cking stupid yet again it would give the game edge. And face it Kenny is not coming back he clearly died if he tries to save ben and if he saves Christa why would he say get off me.

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